Program and Administrative Management

Alliance Global Group (AGG) offers a broad range of Program and Administrative Management Services. Our team of experienced professionals provides leadership and oversight to clients consisting of multiple projects including project identification, design, development, and delivery.

Our consultants include former federal employees, former military members, planning & scheduling professionals, and project management professionals. They are all experienced in developing and applying project controls.

AGG program management services include the following key components:

·       Analyze and evaluate (on a quantitative or qualitative basis) the effectiveness of line program operations in meeting established goals and objectives.

·       Develop life cycle cost analyses of projects or performing cost benefit or economic evaluations of current or projected programs.

·       Advise on the distribution of work among positions and organizations and the appropriate staffing levels and skills mix.

·       Advise on the potential benefits/uses of automation to improve the efficiency of administrative support or program operations.

·       Evaluate and advising on the organization, methods, and procedures for providing administrative support systems such as records, communications, directives, forms, files, and documentation.

·       Develop new or modified administrative program policies, regulations, goals, or objectives.

·       Identify data required for use in the management and direction of programs.

·       Develop data required for use in the management and direction of programs.

·       Develop management and/or program evaluation plans, procedures, and methodology.