Financial Management Support

Helping Our Clients Manage Public Resources…

Operating in an increasingly challenging environment of restricted resources, growing regulatory requirements, and rising demands for innovative solutions, government agencies place enormous pressure on their financial management infrastructure. Ensuring compliance and staying ahead of regulatory changes is key to meeting demands of accountability and transparency. Alliance Global Group offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate financial infrastructure and financial systems’ efficiency and effectiveness to keep government agencies ahead of the curve.

Male hand with pen analyzing  financial data

Experienced Personnel

Our team’s knowledge of financial management regulatory requirements and industry best practices make us a leader in assessing, designing, and implementing your organization’s overall financial management outlook. Our team has an understanding of federal financial management to include: Appropriations Law, Accounting, Auditing, Internal Control, Budgeting and Performance, and General Financial Management.

Here is a list of financial services AGG offers:

·       Budget Analysis

·       Budget Estimating, Justification, Formulation, Execution

·       Budget Cost-Benefit Analysis

·       Data Analysis

·       Federal Budget Process

·       Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE)

·       Program Evaluation

·       Contract Support